Welcome to Nick Arandes’ Music Site

Nick Arandes is a singer/songwriter born in Puerto Rico, who besides being a musician, producer and guitarist, is also an author and speaker whose message has been shared throughout the world. This page is dedicated to his music, so enjoy, and if you like what you hear, remember that you can share Nick’s music with your friends and family through the following link: www.NickArandesMusic.com

Because the hosting company is located in Spain the download instructions are in Spanish. So here are the steps:

To download the song Life Wants to Give You Everything click on: “Descargar” below:

You will be sent to the hosting page where you'll have to click on "Descargar" again. Give it a few seconds and then will appear an image like the one below:

With a Mac hold the control key and click on the image, with a PC right-click on the image and a window will appear asking you were you want the file to be stored in your computer.

Thank you for letting me share this song with you and I hope that somehow can help you feel the love that you are so you can share it with all!