¡no rules at all! lyrics

These are the songs from the CD entitled: No Rules at All! Lyrics and music are Nick Arandes' original compositions. An audio sample is available under each song's title.

I'm Feeling High

There were times I couldn't tell you
What was real.
I though I was loosing my mind.

Feeling lonely I would hide
Behind my pills
Trying to make myself feel fine.

Then one day you finally came
Into my life
Bringing feeling out if me
I can't deny.

Now I'm feeling high!
I was lost but now I'm found.
I'm feeling high!
I don't want to turn around.
I'm feeling high!
Like I'm flying all over town.
I'm feeling high!
And I don't want to come back down.

I still can't believe the way
my life has changed
since you reached out for my hand.

Many things that in the past
I though were strange,
now I finally understand.

So I'll always hold you
very close to me
because that is how I really
feel alive.

I have let go of all the past.
I'm no longer looking back.
What The Old Man Said

I was sitting by the river
trying to pull myself together again.
When an old man walking by
sat right beside me and ask
what's going on my friend?

I am getting tired of listening to everyone.
I have learned the rules and still feel like
my whole life is falling apart.

If you follow what they say
believe everything you see
you'll find out how tough
life could be.

If instead you walk away
and don't care what they believe
then your mind will be set free.

I said who are you?
where you come from?
Cause nobody ever said that to me.

He said, I'm an old man
who has been around the block
two times maybe three.

When you're here long enough
you'll know what I'm talking about.
If instead you listen to everyone else
remember three strikes you're out.

Now you listen up
I'll say it once again.
You will be surprised
who you call true friends.

Some may fake a smile
and will shake your hand
but if all comes down
all alone you stand.

If you trust yourself
you'll know what to do.
That's how you can tell
what's a lie or truth.

So don't follow rules
and just move ahead
cause remember what he said.
Let It Rock!

I've been searching for a radio station
that plays nothing but good Rock & Roll.
Hip hop, rap, new age,
alternative wont do it
because that's not what I'm looking for.

Let it rock!
Let the good times roll.
Let it rock!
Let's get out of control.

I want power something
that can blow my speakers
while I'm jamming with friends
here at home.

I have tried to do it
with all kinds of music
but I don't seem to
have as much fun.

Can't think of anything better
that I would rather do.
Than to rock
and to roll with you.

I see people jumping
up and down and screaming
while my neighbors outside
just keep knocking on my door
I know my music is real loud
and wakes them up when they're sleeping
but the ones here in this party keep saying

and to roll with you.
Here I Am!

Here I am
standing right before your eyes.
Here I am
with no secrets or disguised.
Here I am
not holding to any lies.
Here I am.

Here I am
coming with an open heart.
Here I am
looking for a brand new start.
Here I am
no longer wanting to hide.
Here I am.

I've been sitting all alone
in this place I have called home
hiding my feelings away.

I guess maybe I'm not that strong
because I just can't go on
by myself feeling this way.

Here I am
finally working things out.
Here I am
always doing better somehow.
Here I am
knowing someday you'll be proud.
Here I am.

Here I am
now looking up to the sky.
Here I am
filled with dreams I can't deny.
Here I am
no longer wanting to cry.
Here I am.

All the things I have gone through,
trying to find something to proof
almost made me loose my mind.

After looking all the time.
Now being proud of who I am.
I learned there's nothing to find.

Here I am.
Here I am.
Here I am.
Change Always Begin With You

Seems like we will have a
stormy weather.
On the news I heard is going to
last all through the night.

But I know that if I pull myself together,
there's nothing to worry
things are going to be Al right.
Cause I know,
I can handle all things on my own.

People always saying I can't do things.
I say just come watch me
and I'll show you how is done.
they don't play the game cause they're afraid of loosing.

So they remain sad while listening
to the same old song
then they cry. And they cry.
That's not right. That's not right.

Come on and join me.
You wont waste your time.
Let's play together
and have fun day and night.
When you forget
what you have gone through
at that moment you are going to realize
change always begins with you.

I don't care what anybody tells me.
they just want to live the life
I've chosen for myself

If you want to know why
most people are hurting,
is cause they are listening
to everybody else
then they cry. And they cry.
That's not right. That's not right.

I like to do things different
than the way they have been done.
Listen to my music
from the morning until dawn.
Just because I'm different
some may start calling me names.
They get all messed up
cause I always beat them at their game.
I'll Take You Home

Here you are the world is
on your shoulder.
Fitting in will leave you empty inside.
Trying to be yourself
just works against you.
You look down
tears fill up your eyes.

You're confused and
filled with many questions.
Dealing with most fears
on your own.

Years went by, you listened well.
You're a good boy or a good girl
yet can no longer deal
with your disguise.

But if you believe that nobody cares
I am here by your side
to remind you that the answers you seek
are always deep inside..

When you feel like no one
really understand you.
And you find yourself
wondering on your own.
Hold my hand and I will
show you some places.
Then I'll take you home
where you'll never be alone.

You are tired of being told
how to do things.
Sometimes it's hard to be
the different one.
I know it takes a lot of strength
to jump over that real tall fence
but if you do you'll soon see the rewards
Matters of the Heart

I've spent most of my life
trying to find love,
until I realized.

That this feeling that seems
so illusive
is found only inside.

But it took me a while
to surrender
and to bring down my own guard.

So that I can express
out this feeling
before falling apart.

Maybe I could have done
so much better
by not feeling that way.

Now with most of these fears
gone forever
things will soon be okay.

Up until this moment
I wanted to hide.

Now that I
finally found this feeling
I can fly.

My love no
longer has a ceiling
Like the sky!

From this point
I simply surrender
to the matters of the heart.
I Believe in You!

If you think you can't make it.
cause you're struggling to hard,
close your eyes and just listen
to the song in your heart.

When sometime you feel
like you can't make it through,
just keep moving remembering
I believe in you!

When a prayer seem unanswered
there's a reason behind.
Al thou you may not see it,
with some patience you'll find

that all of your dreams
pretty soon will come true.
if you keep moving remembering
I believe in you!

Empty roads may seem scary.
So then why even try?
Cause you came here to share those gifts
that are deep down inside.

So hold on to your vision
and don't ever give in.
|When in doubt just remember,
there's a power within

that can move any mountains.
I know this to be true.
So keep moving remembering
I believe in you!

Don't get discouraged
if a challenge you must face.
Always remember
you can always find the way.
Believe in your greatness
and you'll see what you can do.

So keep moving remembering,
I believe in you!
You Are Always By My Side

I've been sleeping way too long.
Throughout these years
sometimes I wonder
if life's passing me by.

All those dreams
that seem so far out of my reach
leave me just pondering
asking myself why.

But no matter where I go
I realized,
|although the place have changed
I'm still standing here.

I guess I've been trying so hard
|to find that space
where I can be at peace
and let go of my fears.

When I find myself
looking everywhere
is like You're always seem
to be out of sight.

Then I open my eyes
and see You there
to remind me
You're always by my side.

Why do I keep going
back to that old place?
Wouldn't you think
I should know better by now?

As much as I really think
I know myself
I run around ending up
back here somehow.

After running out of
places where to go
searching for answers
to questions that weren't clear.

I just finally
have come to realize
|that all the answers
seek are always near.
If I Tell You What I’m Thinking

If you ever want to ask me
why I feel the way I do.
All my answers keep on changing
cause I'm searching for the truth.

I see people judging others
just because the way they look.
Sometimes I fear to be different
cause they may reject me too.

Why I hear so many voices in my head?
Sometime I don't even know
which way to turn.
Feel like screaming and just
let my feelings out.
But I can't because I know that

If I tell you what I 'm thinking
you may turn the other way.
I guess people only listen
if you agree with what they say.
Maybe what I have to face is
that if I don't compromise.
I may have to be alone most of my life.

He was only a teenager
writing lyrics, playing guitar.
Al thou nobody understood him
with his songs he touched out heart.

Then I read in a newspaper
that he took his life away.
Parents grieving when the truth is
never listen to his words.

Why can nobody understand
what children say?
Why adults think they know
how to run this world?
If we see what's going on we'll realize.
There are no rules and none know but

I guess nothing really matters.
Things may always be the same.
Al thou different circumstances
may believe that things have changed.
Politicians lying to people.
Preachers doing the same thing too.
This hypocrisy is what keeps us
far away from seen the truth.

I don't know why people can't
make up their minds.
They keep searching for things
they will never find.
Always trying to find
someone else to blame
while the problem is with them but...
A Place Called Home

I just wonder
if there's so much in my life
I have been missing.

Many hours
I have spent behind the wheel
staring and thinking.

What is like to have a family
as opposed to being alone.
Someone I could share my tears
without pretending to be strong.

I guess I wanted my freedom
to do whatever I want.
Now I can't think of a reason
for leaving it all behind.

I've been gone for many years
doing everything alone.
I have struggled trying to make it
now I want to find a place where I belong.
Some place I can call my home.

I see people
holding hands along the park
laughing together.

While I'm sitting
on this empty bench along
trying to feel better.

Thinking what if all decisions
I have made may have being wrong.
What is like to have somebody
missing me while I was gone.

I just hope is not too late
to give my life a new meaning.
If I do create my fate
then today's a new beginning.
Now or Never!

I may never live forever
so I know is now or never
to do what I wanna do.
And to start making my dreams come true.

That way if I leave tomorrow
in my heart will be no sorrows
|cause I'm living every day
doing everything my way.

I will never give up my right to to choose things.
Cause I know I will never be denied.
I just have to take on more step
to get closer to what I want to get.

People ask me how to do it.
I say there is nothing to it.
Just make up your mind and act
without ever looking back.

I take one step then another.
That just set me apart from others.
Soon what I always seem to find,
there's no mountain I can't climb.

That's when I realize what lies
inside me.
It's a power no one could
ever touch.
Once I see how it can be done.
I have no fear moving on my own.

I can't lay my head to rest,
until I take one more step. (4X)
I will never give up my right to to choose things.
Cause I know I will never be denied.
I just have to take on more step
to get closer to what I want to get.
Get Somewhere

As I'm writing words on paper
they can only help me see
deep down how I really feel.

In the myth of all the silence
there's so much I want to say
when I voice inside my head

said to stand and remain strong.
Say your words and sing your song
cause what you're holding inside
can no longer be denied.

Tell the whole world how you feel.
Once you set yourself free
then you'll get somewhere.

Many still think that they know it all
but with time what I've seen
is that no one knows a thing.

Some may criticize my words
wanting me to change everything
cause they don't know what I mean.

That's why I must remain strong.
Say my words and sing my song
cause what I'm holding inside
can no longer be denied.

If I tell them how I feel
I will set myself free
then I'll get somewhere.

Sometimes I
ask myself how can I be strong?
While inside
I hear this voices that keep saying

Should I hold on or let go? (4X)

Just don't hold on anymore
and let go!

After seeing what I've been missing
I guess I no longer care
because I want to get somewhere.
Traveling Man

I pick up my guitar
head to a different town
leave the memories behind,
I'm all around.

People gather to see me
for an hour or two
cause I help them forget
what they go through.

Then I hop on the bus
or get on the plane
so that I can do it all
over again.

Then the money comes rolling
I have lots of friends
as long I got hit songs
and plenty of fame

I could have been a doctor
have a wife and things
but I gave it all up
for my six strings

But I can't help to thing
what live would have been like
if I never have learned
how to play this guitar.

I see faces
I wont see again
of some people God knows
who could have been my friends

Don't know where I'm going
nor what tomorrow will bring
Can't remember
which places I have seen

This road leads to nowhere
but I just can't get out
that's why I wrote songs
of what live is about.

People ask why I do it
I just can't explain
That's the living I chose.
I'm a traveling man.